OCA’s Digital Transformation

OCA’s Digital Transformation

With the ongoing threat of COVID-19, the risk of providing stable services becomes a challenge. To minimize such risks, OCA is accelerating its digital transformation. Our plan is to minimize physical actions such as visits to banks and governmental authorities, and making paper based filings. We believe it is necessary to use digital means as much as possible.

1. Operations

a. Collection of invoices and T&E reports – increased use of our WebManager portal, instead of paper invoices and receipts.

b. Overseas fund requests/approvals – instead of emails, we will use a new function in WebManager to request funds. You will have the ability to view the invoices before funds are remitted/approved.

c. Expense Reports – for entities using excel, we encourage the use of WebExpenseManager. Using this system will also lead to a reduction in our monthly fees.

2. Banking activities

a. Bank passbooks – starting January, we will commence procedures with MUFG to convert the current bankbooks to quarterly paper bank statements which will be mailed to our office

b. Autopays – For payments that cannot be paid directly online, we will encourage the use of autopay (e.g. utilities, phone bills). By converting to this, we will be able to return your bank chops.

3. Payroll/Statutory Benefits

a. Filings – as much as possible and feasible, we will be making filings electronically with the governmental agencies. We can minimize the use of payroll chops.

b. Online wage statements – if you’re still not on e-payslips, please consider it.

4. Taxes

We are implementing “Direct Nofu” which would allow us to arrange tax payments online.