Health Insurance for Overseas Dependents

Health Insurance for Overseas Dependents

Effective April 1, 2020

New Japanese residency requirements for overseas dependents

In general, the Insured employee’s family members whose livelihood is maintained by the insured employee are eligible for health insurance benefits. Effective April 1, 2020, a Japanese residence confirmation requirement was added to qualify for health insurance dependents. Confirming the domestic residence requirement at the time of application and subsequent annual reconfirmation will be required going forward. Individuals who have qualified as dependents until now, but are currently not a resident in Japan will now be required to certify their residence requirements or will need to withdraw their health insurance coverage.

However, there are some exceptions (defined by the Health Insurance Enforcement Rules):
・ Students studying abroad
・ Families accompanying insured employee on overseas assignments
・ Spouse or child who married while insured employee was on an overseas assignment
・ Travel overseas for purposes other than employment (e.g. Working Holidays, Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers, etc.)
・ Others who are deemed to have their domicile based in Japan

New requirement for National Pension No. 3 eligibility

In principle, spouse of office workers and public servants will be required to satisfy the Japanese residence requirement from April 1, 2020 to be eligible for National Pension No.3.
・ Age above 20 but under 60
・ Residing in Japan (i.e. Japan is primary domicile)
The above are basic guidelines. Ultimately, the Japan Pension Service will issue certification after considering various laws.


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