YEAR 2017:

OC & Associates HR Co. is established.
EmployeeProfileSystem (EPS) goes online.

YEAR 2016:

Michiya Akuzawa becomes partner.
OC & Associates Tax Co. is established.
Renamed to OC & Associates K.K. and returns to Kioicho.

YEAR 2014:

Establishes subsidiary in Singapore.

YEAR 2013:

New "OC" logo starts.
First edition of English Emails in Accounting is published.

YEAR 2012:

Obtains ISAE 3402 Type I Certification for payroll services

YEAR 2006:

Becomes a member of Kreston International.
WebAccountingManager, a bilingual web-based accounting system, goes online.

YEAR 2005:

Registers with the US PCAOB.

YEAR 2003:

Relocates to Hirakawa-cho, Chiyoda ward.

YEAR 2002:

Kazunari Iwaya becomes partner.

YEAR 2001:

WebTimeManager, a web-based time reporting system, goes online.

YEAR 2000:

Hiroko Hanato becomes partner.

YEAR 1998:

Relocates to Kojimachi, Chiyoda ward.

YEAR 1996:

Okamoto & Company is incorporated.

YEAR 1994:

Relocates to Kioicho, Chiyoda ward.

YEAR 1992:

Richard Okamoto establishes Okamoto & Company in Shinagawa ward.