Timely and accurate information is mandatory to make solid business decisions. If you are a company establishing a presence in Japan, it is important to obtain proper information/advice so you can minimize potential future problems. On a semi-annual basis, we issue newsletters to keep our clients up-to-date on tax, accounting and payroll/labor issues which might affect them.


The firm and/or its partners have published the following books:

English Emails in Accounting
Editor: Okamoto & Company
Co Authors: Richard Okamoto,
Fumihisa Shimono
Publisher: Chuo-Keizaisha
No. of Pages: 200
Your Guide to Becoming a U.S. CPA
Editor: American Accounting School
Co Authors: Hideharu Kojima, Richard Okamoto and Go Yoshida
Publisher: Chuo-Keizaisha
No. of Pages: 260